2017 Programs and Fees
  • Effective January 1, 2017, the new schedule and program options will be implemented.

  • Fees are valid for registrations received on or after October 1, 2016, for start dates after Jan 1, 2017.

  • All fees are in Canadian dollars.

  • The availability of programs is subject to student enrollment.

13-23 weeks




9-12 weeks




5-8 weeks




2-4 weeks



Tuition Fees (Per Week)


General English

20 Lessons
25 Lessons

30 Lessons



24-35 weeks




36+ weeks




4 weeks


8 weeks


12 weeks


Tuition Fees

Specialized Programs

Intensive Conversation

25 Lessons

30 Lessons

IELTS Preparation

20 Lessons

25 Lessons

4 weeks


8 weeks


12 weeks


Extra Night





4 weeks





1 week





Homestay Accommodation

Half board - private room

Full board - private room

Additional Fee for Minors*



Other Fees

Application Fee ..................................................... $100.00

Homestay Placement Fee .................................... $180.00

Airport Reception (One-way) ................................ $100.00

Airport Reception (Two-way)................................. $180.00

Textbooks (Must be purchased at school)............. $85.00+

Material Fee (per week)........................................ $10

Custodianship Letter (Notarized) .......................... $100.00

Medical Insurance (Per day/Min. 20 days) ........... $2.00





General English Only**

Specialized Programs Only***


Per day (Min. 20 days)


 * Under 18 yeard old

**One set of student book and workbook for General English Program. Each set covers 1-2 level(s).

*** Material Fees for Intensive Conversation and IELTS Preparation. No textbook purchase is required. 

Session Start Dates and Holidays
Time Table

Block 1:  8:50am - 10:30am (100min.)

Block 2: 10:40am - 11:30am (50min.)

Block 3: 11:35am - 12:25pm (50min.)

Lunch:   12:25pm -  1:25pm

Block 4:   1:25pm -  2:15pm (50min.)

Block 5:   2:25pm -  3:15pm (50min.)

Session start dates in 2017

(General English)

     January 3              July 17

     January 30            August 14

     February 27          September 11

     March 27               October 10

     April 24                  November 6

     May 23                  December 4

     June 19                 December 4

Holidays in 2017 (No school)       

January 1         New Year's Day (observed Jan.1)

February 20      Family Day

April 14             Good Friday

April 17             Easter Monday

May 22             Victoria Day

July 3                Canada Day (observed Jul.1)

August 7           Heritage Day

September 4     Labour Day

October 9         Thanksgiving Day

November 11    Remembrance Day(observed Nov.13)

December 25    Christmas Day

December 26    Boxing Day


  • Intake dates for General English are every Monday except for public holidays.

  • Please contact school for intake dates for specialized programs.

Refund Policy

Tuition Refund: A full refund (minus non-refundable deposits) will be issued to students who withdraw, in writing, 30 days before the course begins. After this point a 70 percent refund of tuition will be given for withdrawals received in writing up until the first day of the program. If students withdraw within 5 calendar days of the original start date of the program, a 50 percent refund of tuition will be issued. No refunds are given for withdrawals when more than 5 days of the program have been completed.


Homestay Refund: Students are required to provide written notice a minimum of 14 days before withdrawing from the homestay program. A full refund, less the nonrefundable homestay placement fee, will be issued to students who withdraw in writing 14 days before their homestay begins. Under no conditions will refunds be provided for periods of homestay already used.


Visa Denials: If a visa denial prevents the student from attending the English Language Program, tuition fees and deposits minus a $250.00 administration fee will be refunded upon submission of written proof of denial at least 7 calendar days before the program begins.

For approved refunds, payments are issued within 30 days of notification from the student of cancellation, drop, or withdrawal. Refunds will be made via the original payment method. If the student’s payment of fees was made with cash, refund will be made by means of a cheque. A refund will be paid to the student, individual or agent that originally paid the fees. 

Health Insurance

It is mandatory for ALH students to have health insurance during their stay in Canada. Students must purchase a health insurance plan through an insurance company or agent in their home country or in Canada.




You may purchase guard.me through ALH. guard.me offers extensive coverage for the cost of only $2.00 per day.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan (AHCIP)

If you have a visa for one year or more, you are eligible to apply for Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan at no charge. It covers a basic health coverage. Alberta Health Care does not cover dentistry, vision, ambulances or prescribed medicines. Please check what is covered very carefully before going to see a doctor.

For more information, please contact:

Alberta Health and Wellness