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Pathway Program

ALH Pathway Program is for students to improve their English skills in both general and academic, and prepare for a post-secondary program. Students who have completed ALH General English Level 5 + EAP will meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements for the purposes of admission to certain programs offered by the following colleges.

ANNE'S Language House Pathway partners are being updated on a continuous basis.

Please contact us for more details.

Download Pathway Program Flyer

ALH College Pathway Partners

SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology)

• Business Administration

• Architectural Technologies

• Baking and Pastry Arts

• Civil Engineering Technology

• Professional Cooking

• Avionics Technology

• Automotive Service Technology

• Accounting Oil and Gas Production

• Early Childhood Education

Examples of SAIT courses international students can take:

How Pathway Works

Students who have completed our General English Level 5 +EAP will meet the English language proficiency requirements for the purposes of admission to a certificate, post-diploma certificate, diploma, or applied degree without having to write a required English Proficiency Test, such as TOEFL or IELTS.

Step 1: Take an assessment test

Step 2: Apply for ALH and college program (s)

Step 3: Take ALH English program

Step 4: Complete ALH English program

Enter College

• Academic counselling to help you choose and apply to College programs.

• Students must apply separately with all supporting academic documents for entry into College programs and ALH will assist with this process.

• Academic support with extra materials for students who have extensive support needs.

English Requirement Equivalency


  • General English 5 (GE5) — must achieve at least 78% in the level exit test to be granted 65% in English Language Arts 30-1

ALH General English Program Features

• 5 levels from Beginner to Advanced

• Each level has 10 - 12 weeks: 5 - 6 weeks x 2 modules

• Weekly oral presentations to improve speaking skills and gain confidence.

• Weekly review tests to assess students’ progress and identify students’ strength and weaknesses.

• Weekly writing assignments to expand vocabulary and grammar usage and accuracy.


1. Planning

Academic Assessment test

In order to determine the lengths required to complete our English programs, students are asked to take an Academic Assessment Test. 

Choose the program and start date

1-year certificates, 2-year diplomas, programs with co-op components or not, program availability, application deadline, admission requirements, etc.

2. Applying for ALH and College

ALH application

Fill out the ALH application form and send it to school by email. (

College application

Apply online at ApplyAlberta. (

Submit educational documents: Usually a high school transcript and English proficiency documents.

English Proficiency document: SAIT - Anticipated Final Grades.

3. Offer of Admission


Once you have received an invoice, please pay a deposit to ALH. After a confirmation of the deposit payment, ALH will send you a Letter of Acceptance. For the pathway with GE5, you must enroll EAP (30 lessons).


Once you have been offered admission to a program, pay a tuition deposit (SAIT).

After a confirmation of the payment, the student will receive a Confirmation letter (SAIT).

4. Apply for a Study Permit

You can start the application process for a study permit. Some programs include a work experience component or a co-op internship. For these programs, international learners need to apply for a co-op work permit as well as a study permit.

5. Complete ALH English programs

Upon completion of ALH English program, the student can request the school to send an official transcript and certificate to the colleges.

6. Enter college

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