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Homestay Program

Quality of ALH Homestay Program

We have our own homestay program for our students. Our homestay accommodations and host families are of high quality. Students will experience real Canadian life and improve their English skills. We believe it is very important for the students to “feel at home” and to be treated as part of the family. Each homestay is visited personally and carefully selected to ensure that the students will be happy and comfortable during their stay. Through regular evaluation reports, we are able to monitor and control the quality.

Why Choose Homestay?


  • Homestay is an affordable option since host families already have the basic things you need to live comfortably in Canada. 

  • Homestay is a very cost effective option because it includes meals, laundry facilities and internet. You can choose either 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) or 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

  • Homestay program also provides students with a more authentic cultural experience. Students usually spend evenings and weekends with their host family, having meals and social time with them.

  • Speaking English at home helps you to improve your English skill significantly and you can learn useful English that Canadian people use in their daily lives. 


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