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Students' Voices

I definitively recommend this school to everyone who wants to develop, improve or perfect their English skills! You have the possibility of learning various things. You can also focus on your weaknesses and ask your questions easily (small groups). It is more than a regular English school!  

Sabrina from Quebec

I really enjoyed studying at Ann’s Language House.
My teacher has a lot of knowledge so I could learn not only English, but also history, culture, geography, life, and even love. His English is clear and easy to understand.
The school staff, who are two Japanese women, speak English fluently. They’re not native speakers, but they mastered English with a lot of effort, so I could ask them the best way to learn English and I was encouraged a lot when I talked to them. I sometimes join the school’s activities even after my graduation. They keep supporting my stay in Calgary. I’m so happy that I could study in this school.

Hanako from Japan

ANNE'S Language House is extremely COOL!
The teacher is good at teaching. He exactly knows how to teach international students.
In addition, there are not many students, so you can have more opportunity to speak English. Actually, before I started to study at this school, I couldn’t speak or understand English well. But now I can speak English fluently and express what I want to and understand what people are saying. If you really want to study in a small group and improve your English, I recommend Anne’s Language House.

Denny from South Korea

When I arrived in Calgary, I couldn't speak or understand English, but I can see my English has improved since I started studying Englsih at ANNE'S Language House. The presentations and review tests helped me gain more confidence in my Englsih skills. The staff members also helped me with many things such as  openning a bank account, applying for Alberta Health Care, etc.  Activities were very fun and I could go to many beautiful places and experience something new. My host family was very kind and I felt very lucky to be there. 

Akane from Japan

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