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General Information - Calgary Transit

Main transportations in Calgary are LRT (Light-Rail Transit) called C-Train and buses.

Both C-Train and buses are operated by Calgary Transit.

Calgary Transit has a website that you can check transportation schedules and plan a trip with an estimated travel time.


Transportation schedules are usually different on weekends and holidays.

Calgary Transit Website:


Fares and Passes:

C-Train Map: Click here for 2016 C-Train station map


Fare Free Zone

C-Train downtown area between Downtown West / Kirby station and City Hall station is a free-zone.

You don’t need to buy a ticket if you are traveling within a free-zone.


Where to buy a ticket

You can buy a ticket at Calgary Transit at the office or some grocery stores, convenience store and drug stores, such as Co-Op, Mac’s, Shoppers Drugmart, etc. As the day get closer to the end of the month, the ticket office gets very busy and other stores may not have booklets and monthly passes in stock. We suggest to get booklets and monthly passes about a week before of the end of the month.

Calgary Transit Office

125 7 Avenue SE, Calgary, AB T2G 5R2





More information: Where to buy tickets?


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