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Lesson Options

20 lessons: Block 1 - 3

25 lessons: Block 1 - 4 

30 lessons: Block 1 - 5


General English.......... 20 / 25 lessons

College Pathway....... 30 lessons

*College Pathway Program is for GE5 only.


• Block 1     9:00 AM – 10:30 AM  (90 min.)

• Block 2   10:40 AM – 11:30 AM   (50 min.)

• Block 3    11:40 AM – 12:30 PM    (50 min.)

• Lunch     12:20 PM  –   1:05 PM    (35 min.)

• Block 4    1:05  PM   –  2:00 PM    (55 min.)**

• Block 5    2:05  PM   –  3:00 PM    (55 min.)**

1 lesson = 45-50 minutes.

Block1 = 2 lessons

**There are no afternoon classes on Friday.

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General English - Principal Course (GE20) is for students who want to:

  • develop all the English language skills.

  • learn in a class level that is appropriate for students.

  • develop their English skills for travel, work and communication.

General English - Principal Course + Power Speaking (GE25) is

for students who want to:

  • practice and improve their English communication skills.

  • increase their confidence and comfort level when using English.

  • increase their knowledge of Canadian culture, customs,
    idiomatic expressions, etc

College Pathway is for students who want to:

  • prepare to enroll a post-secondary in Canada.

  • learn Academic English.

GE - Principal Course

General English - Principal Course (GE20)

English level:  5 levels

Each level:   10 - 12 weeks

Lessons per week:   20 Lessons

• All-around ability in English at any entry levels

• Weekly oral presentation/speaking tasks to improve speaking skills and gain confidence.

• Review tests to assess student’s progress and identify student’s strength and weakness.

• Speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, naturally including grammar and vocabulary.

• Main Textbook is an integrated skills series that gets students talking - in class, and everywhere.

Learning Focus

GE1 – GE2
• Focusing on the foundation of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation for confident speaking.
• Introduction of reading, writing and listening skills.
• Practical English to understand high-frequency phrases and to know what to say in typical situations.


• Fresh challenges to help them realize how much they know and make their passive knowledge active.
• Reviewing fundamental vocabulary and grammar and putting new vocabulary and grammar into practice.
• Practical English to get used to listening to faster, more colloquial speech.
• Improving reading skills with a wide variety of authentic text types and writing skills with guided writing tasks.


GE4 – GE5
• Using more sophisticated grammar structures with fluency and developing awareness of different grammatical structures in order to use them appropriately.
• Focusing on advanced vocabulary to enable them to use the appropriate word or phrase according to the context or situation.
• Reading skills with a wide variety of totally authentic texts in more professional and academic contents.
• Regular practice in planning, organizing, writing and checking to write quickly and accurately for more professional and academic purposes.

GE - Power Speaking

General English - Principal Course + Power Speaking (GE25)

English level:  5 levels

Each level:   10 - 12 weeks

Lessons per week:   25 Lessons

• One afternoon class (Block 4) focusing on speaking and conversation skills using learning materials from principal course.

• Exploring strategies for communicating effectively in a variety of social situations.


College Pathway - English for Academic Purposes (EAP30)


English Level:  GE5 (Advanced)

Level length:   10 weeks

• Learning English at a post-secondary classes.

• Focuses on acquiring the advanced competencies in academic English.

• Academic vocabulary usage, comprehending academic lectures, research skills, formal composition forms and development, including research papers.

Pathway Program

ALH Pathway Program is for students to improve their English skills in both general and academic, and prepare for a post-secondary program. Students who have completed ALH General English Level 5 will meet the English Language Proficiency Requirements for the purposes of admission to certain programs offered by the following colleges.

ANNE'S Language House Pathway partners are being updated on a continuous basis.

Please contact us for more details.

ANNE'S Language House Pathway Partners

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Assessment Test and Level

Assessment Tests and Levels

Pre-Arrival Test (at the time of registration)

The pre-arrival test is required for an official registration. A student may be required to have a speaking test following the pre-arrival test.

Placement Test (First day - if applicable)

The placement test contains Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Writing components.

The placement test may be required to re-assess the student’s level.


Presentation / Speaking Tasks (Every Week) 

Students have oral presentations or speaking tasks every Friday except Module test weeks. These will give students opportunities to improve their English speaking skills and gain confidence to speak in front of people in English.​

Writing Assignment (Every Week)

Students work on a writing assignment each week. Writing assignments will give students opportunities to practice and improve their writing skills.

Review Test

Review tests cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for each unit. Regular review tests enables students to monitor their progress.

Module Test / Level Exit Test - The end of Module

Module tests and Level exit tests cover grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, writing, reading, listening, and speaking. 

Academic Dishonesty

If the student tries to cheat and is found to be cheating or plagiarizing will be given a “0” mark.

Evaluation Sheet

An evaluation sheet is issued at the end of each module which states the scores of review test, module test, presentation, writing assignments, attendance, and participation, and teacher’s comment about the student’s performances.


A transcript is issued at the end of each level upon request. A transcript states the scores of review tests, module tests, a level exit test, presentations, writing assignments, attendance, and participation.

To download and open a PDF form, you need to have Adobe reader 10 or higher installed. 

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